The songs were very emotional and full of pain, so after listening to them a couple of times and drawing inspiration from some of the lyrics like "I can't stand the sound of my tears" and "the water shines over your eyes," the image of an eye shedding a tear quickly came to mind.
The main song of the single is "Burn," so I thought it would be fitting to design the vinyl jacket to resemble a matchbook. The chorus of that song includes the phrase "I just wanna burn your memory away." After contemplating for a few days on a concept that resonates with that phrase, I conceived the idea of a voodoo doll. However, instead of using a traditional rag doll to stick pins into, I envisioned a small wooden figure that you can burn away, symbolizing the act of forgetting.
Promotional poster:
3 color screen print, 24" x 18", 100 lb Cover Standard White Paper.
Limited edition of 50.

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